We envision Shah Satnam Ji College of Education as a catalyst for developing true educated engaged and employable individuals whose collective energy will work as a driving force for the prosperity of the society as well as nation. The vision of the college is also to meet our state’s growing need for efficient and committed learner centered teachers who will make education accessible to all without consideration of caste, creed or gender. We will do this by helping our students to develop the right attitude, skill and knowledge. The well defined Vision and Mission are published in the prospectus. This way it continuously gives directions to each one of the college team. All these have been framed keeping in view the need and requirements of the traditions, values, aspirations and spirituality and overall development. It can be bifurcated in the following manner:
o Our society is a globally progressive society which has its citizen working for social and cultural harmony. It must have love and respect for all citizens. We ought to have sensibly sensitive attitude and be ready to take responsibility for the welfare and well being of all.
o Inclusive and holistic development of every individual is essential because we believe “Able Teachers Make Noble Nation”.