Academic Audit

An academic audit refers to a systematic way of reviewing the quality of education in an institute. It is aimed towards quality assurance and in bringing improvements in the education system of the college.

Administrative Audit

Administrative audit refers to thorough evaluation of the administrative processes in an institute with respect to its efficiency, and effectiveness. The audit aims towards building and assessing policies, strategies, operations and functions of the institutes.

Aim of Academic & Administrative Audit (AAA)

The main aim of the AAA is to encourage reviews about the college from the peers that are inside and outside of the institution by visiting the sites and conducting a self-study about the processes carried out there. This helps them to ensure the quality of the standards in comparison with the previously set benchmarks by the NAAC. Further, the institutes get an opportunity to understand the shortcomings and improve the quality of education of the various processes and systems of the college. This includes evaluation of all the curricular and co-curricular programs and activities which eventually helps the institutes to maintain the high education standards on a long-term basis.