The college offers a well maintained furnished computer lab to facilitate various groups of students. The computer Laboratory has 20 systems with suitable configuration having internet facility which are handled by experienced computer assistant and faculty members. The college has well equipped Technology lab with slide projectors, overhead projectors, Epidiascope, Two in One System, LCD, Television, DVD Player, Handicam, Digital Camera, models, charts, maps, transparencies, slides etc. of standard quality. Technology lab is being utilized by all the lecturers, M.Ed & B.Ed Students. The students are acquainted with knowledge, uses, working and operation of various technology & aids. The students have to prepare transparencies, PowerPoint presentations, charts, models in their teaching subjects. Teachers make use of various aids for the teaching purpose & giving demonstration lessons to make the learning of various topics related to ICET subject of B.Ed. and M.Ed. Following Programmes are organized with the help of ICT Lab as under:

 ICT enabled lectures and seminars etc.
 Research facility using internet
 Practical classes as requirement of Paper V.

The unique feature of computerized facilities offered is special emphasize on ICT enabled teaching which enables teachers to use information technology for professional growth and better teaching learning environment.